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some tips

In yesterday's St. Pete Times newspaper the following appeared.  Suggestions 
from Jeanne Lemlin, author of Simple Vegetarian Pleasures (Harper Collins 
$15) for making meals go both ways (vegie non-vegie persons).   You may see 
some items that we would change on fatfree here, so just omit or change to 

1. Combine a few cans of rinsed beans with some chopped onion, celery and 
vinaigrette (nonfat) dressing.  Store in a plastic container in the 
refrigerator and you'll always have a protein on hand for the vegetarian.

2. If dinner includes a salad, make a double portion for the vegetarian and 
simply add some cheese (non-fat), chickpeas or tofu.

3. Mexican dishes are obvious vehicles for two versions.  Enchiladas, tacos 
and burritos can all be made with either meat or beans.

4. Find meatless meals everyone enjoys: pasta primavera, spinach lasagna, 
Mexican dishes and vegetable or lentil soup for starters.

5. Always cook extra rice or pasta so the vegetarian can jazz up the 
leftovers for another meal.  Heat a little oil (or broth, whatever) in a 
skillet, splash some soy sauce and sesame oil (drop that) on  leftover rice, 
add a chopped vegetable and cook. - you've got a good <fried> rice dish you 
can always add to it.

Barbara in FL