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Or not pre-soaking beans (was RE: Soaking dried beans)

Pre-soaking beans is not *required* before cooking them, despite ubiquitous
instructions to the contrary.  It cuts down on the cooking time, and so is
the preferred way to go, but if you have the time and you haven't presoaked,
you can just cook them until they're done (for most beans an additional,
say, 30-45 minutes, depending on their age).  Just make sure there's enough
water to cover them at all times.  I wouldn't try soybeans or garbanzos this
way, since they take forever even with presoaking.  

My favorite way of cooking beans is to stick em in some water in a crockpot
at night, turn the pot on to low and cook the beans all day.  (Pouring off
the soaking water and adding fresh before cooking may help reduce gas if
that's a problem for you.  I don't and have no problems, but I've been
eating beans for years.) 

Whatever method you use to cook them, be sure to cook a large pot full and
freeze what you don't use right away so you'll always have cooked beans on
hand when you need them.  (I use zipper-type freezer bags so they'll lie
flat in the freezer.)