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Cooking Dried Beans

Soak all dried beans over night with cold water covering beans with at
least 2 inches deeper than beans.  Beans will expand.  OR quick soak
method: bring beans to the boil in water 2 inches deeper than beans and set
aside for at least an hour.  Beans are not as tender with quick soak
method.  Also I have had red beans simply come out of their skins!

Wash until water is clear.  Then cook whatever recipe you like.  I cook
with spices: onion, garlic, oregano, basil.  Minimum: 2 hours for stove top
simmer and firm beans.  I usually cook 3 hours and, if it's soup, 4 hours!
No salt needed with spices or do not add salt until near the end of the
cooking time.  Cooking time varies because old beans and larger quantities
(more than 1 lb dried beans) take longer to cook.  Beans can be frozen in
portions for future meals.  (Cook on Saturday or Sunday for the whole
week!)  Enjoy!