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for Berti

Berti asked about meat substitutes.  
I use TVP that I get bulk from the health food store (Fresh Fields).  I 
always reconstitute it and then use it as a base for chili, or as the sub for 
the meat in Sloppy Joes.  I use Manwich sauce for the sloppy joes, and nobody 
knows the difference.  It helps to let the flavor soak in to the TVP for a 
couple of hours or overnight in the refrigerator.  Then just reheat.
She also asked how people keep fat down to 10 grams.  I think that if you 
completely avoid all animal (including all dairy) products you can get that 
low, but every food, including vegetables, has some fat in it.  Fat is the 
vehicle that transports some vital nutrients and vitamins and minerals 
through our body, and in small amounts is necessary!  I think that 16 grams 
is very low.
Congratulations on your commitment to better health and a leaner body.

Ruth in the foggy Chicago 'burbs