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salad dressing & Udon-Miso Salad

I saw this recipe recently and although I haven't tried it yet, it looks 

Dijon - Balsamic Dressing

2 T Dijon mustard
1 cup Balsamic Vinegar
a squeeze of lemon
herbs of choice (oregano, pepper, garlic etc.)
A little honey or sugar to taste

I buy the following salad at a local health food store restaurant.  I do not 
know any of the ingredients for the dressing, it just says Miso dressin & 
then lists the salad ingredients.  I have a miso-vinegar dressing recipe I 
will include.  I'm sure you can use other dressings (maybe the one above), 
the ingredients are different and good. 


Udon Noodles (a thin noodle with a base of rice, buckwheat or wheat, usually 
found in the macrobiotic section of a healthfood store.)
sliced carrots
sliced celery
sliced Daikon radish
(sometimes it has sprouted lentils, adzuki beans, peas) This time it had snow 

Miso-Vinegar Dressing

1 T. brown rice miso
1 T olive oil (here you will have to make your own substitute)
2 T brown rice vinegar
3 T water
Combine miso and (oil), add the remaining two ingredients, one at a time, 
mixing well after each addition.

Barbara in FL