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People Unclear on the Concept... :)

I was just reading the label on a can of Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable
soup (which, near as I can tell from the label, has no added fat, about
12% CFF from the natural fat in the ingredients themselves, and misses
being vegan only by the egg white solids in the alphabet noodles). 
Check out this recipe idea from the can:
Quick Meal In 5 Minutes
Vegetarian Vegetable Soup with Fish Sticks

Need to prepare something quick and nourishing?  Vegetarian Vegetable
Soup not only has a full serving of nutrious vegetables but also is a
deliciously satisfying meal when served with fish sticks (and the fish
sticks are fun to dip!)

Somehow, it seems to me it would be more useful if they put a vegetarian
recipe suggestion on there, ya know?  If I get a chance, I may drop them
a note asking why...  Sort of brings back memories of my father telling
my husband and  me that we could help ourselves to the veggies in their
beef stew, just pick out the beef chunks...  (Dad's gotten better since
then, though I still don't think he quite gets it...)


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