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RE: Washington, D.C. restaurants?

I think you should know Logan Circle is, um, on the "fringe."  When you come
out of your hotel, if you're just walking around?  Only go towards the
streets going UP.  You're on 14th and 13th, where they come together at
Rhode Island and Vermont.  Only walk towards 15, 16, 17th streets.  It is
NOT safe to walk around there at night.  If you've gone for an inexpensive
hotel room, that's why you've found it there.

Now, for the good news.  You're a 3 minute taxi ride down to 19th and M
Sts., where it's safe to walk and there are great restaurants.  If you go up
towards 18th, 19th, and Connecticut Avenues at Dupont circle, you can walk
around and be in veggie heaven, if not fat free heaven.  Great little
restaurants all over the place.  Including Indian <LOL>! Try Kramer Books
for brunch, or Tomatoes, or just stroll around there and do appetizers

18th and S is the famous Nora's that does beautiful organic dishes and is
extremely accommodating.

Thai does not = coconut.  Explore some of the amazing grills, and noodle

Cab it up to Columbia Road and 18 Sts to Adams Morgan and try some of the
Ethiopian up there.  Miss Saigon is FANTASTIC Vietnamese.  You could become
creative with La Forchette, or Try something weird at Madam's Organ. (Get
it?  Adams Morgan - Madam's Organ?)  Here, stay on 18th and Columbia.  No
side streets, OK?  It's very bohemian in this area, but off the main streets
is very dark, with lots of bushes, and it's not safe.

BTW, although there was a good recommendation for a place in Vienna, VA?
That's not DC.  No way, shape or form, you'd have to drive for at least 1/2
an hour to get there.

You have tons of possibilities.  If you want an inexpensive hotel, I'd move
over to Rhode Island and 15th Sts to either that Holiday Inn or the one
further down called the Gramarcy.  Logan Circle is a truly beautiful circle,
that's just becoming renovated.  Seriously amazing Victorian Mansions there
with one of the most beautiful traffic circles in the city.  Unfortunately,
it's still "eh."  The only way I'd stay over there (and I lived 6 blocks
from there for 6 years) is if I had the opportunity to stay in one of those
homes that have become B&Bs.  Then?  In a heartbeat!

It's 70o with no humidity today.  The flowers are in bloom and the city
looks like a post card.  You're going to love it.

The next time I come back to San Fran, I'm going to check in with you!!