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Re: oil replacement

I'm playing with making salad dressing with thickened
bouillon instead of oil.  I use Knorr's veggie bouillon 
(still have lots I bought on sale before they turned into
and make it a bit stronger than usual, 
like 1 1/2 c water instead of 2, and
thicken it with some arrowroot.

You may have to add a bit of sugar
and play with recipes a bit, but I like the coating
consistency a lot. My first version: start with 3/4 c
bouillon mixture, 
add 1 T good mustard, salt, pepper,dried herbs (oregano and
basil are nice), 
dried onions, chopped garlic,(of course, you can vary this
stuff to whatever 
you'd like in your dressing) and vinegar to taste (start
with 2 T) and a little sugar.  

I tried marinating raw mushrooms in this dressing and they
incredible after an overnight stay in the fridge!  Just like
ones I used to make but so much better without the

I use the thickened bouillon by itself all the time for a
tasty sauce/coating for pasta and veggies.
My favorite is with some chunky shaped pasta, onions,
red peppers, mushrooms and some kind of greens.  
Just stir "fry" the veggies and toss with cooked pasta and
thickened bouillon.

Many variations are possible: sundried tomatoes and basil
with mushrooms; chopped tomato with capers, tiny bits of
chopped calamata olives and a sprinkling of dried red
eggplant, broccoli, and sweet onion.  I often add little
chunks of firm lowfat tofu in the mix.  

Ok, now I'm hungry!  And I hope I've given someone some
sorry I'm not too great on measurements.