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Salt sensitivity and hypertension

> I just learned that I have hypertension and have been placed on 
> a low-sodium diet.  Can any one suggest a good low sodium, low 
> fat cookbook?

Are you sure you're sodium sensitive?

Only one in 7 (about 14%) of people with hypertension are 
effected by salt in the diet. The other 86% can continue to use 
salt in moderation (less than 2000 mg daily).

There's no medical test for salt sensitivity, but one can easily 
determine it - just avoid ALL sodium for about a week, taking 
blood pressure daily, then gradually add moderate amounts of 
sodium to the diet and each day measure blood pressure. If it 
suddenly elevates within the first four days after adding salt- 
you're one of those who have to strictly limit salt. 

Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii