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RE: Weight Watchers points calculation

Anna wrote:
> I hope this is not off topic, but I was wondering if anybody
> out there could
> help me.
> Does anybody know the formula to calculate Weight Watchers points?

I believe it is proprietary, i.e., secret. Sorry.

BTW, I have a gripe about those WW recipe cards. Some of them are actually
recipes, but some drive me up the wall. Open a can of beans, open a jar of
salsa, put them together, voila, a recipe. Maybe I'm being elitist, but if
this consitutes healthy eating for some people, I really shudder at what
they are eating the rest of the time ...

OTOH, I guess I should have realised from a point list that has Big Macs and
every kind of fast food imaginable, but not quinoa or wild rice.

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg (surviving Passover so far, from a WW point of