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RE: Washington, D.C. restaurants?

Washington is an International town. "Difficult" is only difficult if you're
remaining in your hotel room.  It's also a very big city, so where are you
going to be?

Look for Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Italian, and just general American
type restaurants!
Did you check the Vegetarian Resource Group's restaurant listing for
Baltimore/Washington?  I think it's vrg.org, but I'm not sure.

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Subject: Washington, D.C. restaurants?

We've done some web searches and located some vegetarian restaurants in
the Washington, D.C. area, but since most of them are Indian, we suspect
it will be difficult to find low-fat or no-fat fare. Do any of you who
live in the D.C. area or visit there often have favorite restaurants
that serve at least some fat-free vegetarian dishes?

We'll be visiting the area in May.  Thanks!

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