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RE: Capers

They are a bud, but I'll be darned if I can remember what kind.
They're no fat, and delicious.
One of the things I have for dinner, probably 5 nights a week if my DH is
working nights is pasta with usually a 5 Brother's sauce, (or is it 3
Brothers?) -- usually one with olives or green peppers or something in it,
and capers.  That's it.  I love it!!
Capers aren't as briny as olives, because they don't have the little bit of
olive oil in them.
Trader Joe's has capers for about $2.59, where as in a regular store, 1/2
that $4-&7.

I think I'll have dinner!

P.S.  Bec, there are email programs that don't understand the brackets
you're using in your email address.  If you ever have trouble with your
email bouncing back to you, consider that first.