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Re: Egg Beaters and applesauce

Hello...I had bought some by mistake...they were called Toffutti so I
thought they would be non dairy, but were not.  Finally I decided as I
already had them to use them.  Terrible.  I used them in my regular
ff brownie recipe in place of the EnergEgg replacer I usually use
and the brownies were similar to the texture of play dough.  Just
awful.  Nobody would eat them.

Someone had asked about applesauce as a replacement for fat.  I use
applesauce that I can myself for this.  I run it through the food mill
so it is not chunky.  In just the last 3 days I made 2 batches of
banana bread, cornbread, and coffeecake, using applesauce to replace
the shortening (measure for measure) and EnergEgg replacer to
replace the eggs.  All just fine.  Which is why I had to make the
second batch of banana bread a day later.

I do not use special recipes...these were all from an old cookbook,
Better Homes... with the red and white plaid cover.   I just use the
correct amount of egg replacer for the number of listed eggs, and
sub the applesauce for oil.  I highly recommend the EnergEgg
replacer if you have not tried it.  I would have used 14 eggs
between these bakings these last days if I had followed the

The only thing I have not figured out yet is a good substitute for the
struesel topping...you know, the crumbled butter, flour, nuts, sugar
etc.  So I usually end up putting a regular topping on for the family
when I make a struesel coffee cake.
Any suggestions?


fiddler folk wrote:

> I see lots of recipe posts including egg beaters.  I have tried using
> these type of products, but I started having problems with my kidneys
> bothering me.  Has anyone else experienced this from the additives in
> this product?
> Thanks