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misc. comments

This is a response to several things people have mentioned in the last
few days.
I make a stroganoff and for sour cream I use 1/4 cup of nutritional
yeast, 1 cup + 2 tabl of veggie broth, 1 tabl of lemon juice, 1 tabl of
cornstarch. Blend it in a blender and add. It doesn't taste the same but
my wife couldn't tell I made the switch so it must work.
If you go to the Ornish retreat you will get set up on an alumni club
site that is good if you choose to participate. www.ornish.com will take
you to the PMRI site that gives lots of info. Alfalfa sprouts seem to
pose a risk for salmonella(sp?). If anyone wants to ask any questions
about my results from the Ornish program please email me at
rcouger@xxxxxx   It isn't by any means the only solution or diet but has
seemed to help me. To quote my favorite cartoon,"The Iron Giant" you are
free to choose what you want to be. In my case the best choice I've made
is to eat vegatarian. I just wish I'd started years ago before my bypass
and heart trouble.