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Re: Cold Turkey vs. Slow Train

Personally, I really think that it's an individual thing in switching to
nonfat vegetarian, assuming of course that you're not dealing with very
serious medical problems requiring an immediate change.  I had no problem
going vegetarian in college, which I attribute to being raised
semi-vegetarian anyway.  Then taking the next step to nonfat vegetarian was
really not a big deal because I didn't like fatty stuff anyway.  On the
other hand, my husband has been slow to accept it, but I'm thankful that he
eats more and more my way.  When I do cook m**t for him, he readily accepts
the more lowfat versions now when he didn't seven years ago and he readily
eats my vegetarian stuff much of the time.  In his case, it's gone better
slow with no nagging and picking recipes he likes.  When I'm unsure if he'll
like it, I serve it to him as a side dish and ask for an opinion.

Just some thoughts...