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Today's menu was:

    B R E A K F A S T - this is the same every single day as I never tire of
it, except that I alternate the grape juice with orange juice

oatmeal consisting of 1/2 c. soy milk, 1.25 c. oats, 6 pkgs. Sweet Thing,
and cinnamon
1 T. wheat germ
1 T. flax seeds (measured before grinding)
8 oz. grape juice
1/4 c. raisins

        S  N A C K - this is also consistenly the same

1 banana

        L U N C H - sometimes Boca Burgers, but usually lunch is chili

1 1/2 c. vegetarian chili
1 large apple
sugar-free cola

        S N A C K - this snack varies considerably

1 large apple
 6 fat-free Krusteaz brownies

        D I N N E R -- varies greatly

1 1/2 c. quinoa
1/2 c. hominy
1/2 c. green beans
1 large baked potato with Dash and potassium salt
1 c. spinach
sugar-free cola

        S N A C K - haven't has this yet, but I do every night, usually
between 9:30-10:30

9 c. popped corn   (popped in a small amount of olive oil and sprinkled with
potassium salt)
sugar-free cola

I walk five days per week (3 miles each day). My cholesterol has decreased
from 286 to 215 this past year. My triglycerides have gone from 214 to 201
this past year.

I hope this data will serve to encourage new members as well as help Nancy
to make plans for her group. Never have I felt so energetic, been so free of
pain, and so stress free as I have since I began "Ornishing" a little over a
year ago. I do, however, have one small concern. My bilirubin went from .6
to .1 during the past year. Has anyone else experienced a similar drop?