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potato question

One of my gardening books, or possibly a catalog, had an interesting tidbit
about potatoes that I only half-remember. Of course, when I went looking for
it I couldn't find it.

Here's what I do remember: some potatoes microwave better than others. The
ones that don't nuke well, bake well. It has to do with the starch content.
You can determine the starch content by cutting the tater in half and
rubbing the cut faces together -- if they tend to stick, the starch content
is high.

Now the part I don't remember is whether higher or low starch improves
nuking or baking. Obviously, if you know, you can plan ahead to buy potato
varieties that are going to match your cooking plans.

Does anyone know more about this tip?

Where I thought I remember reading it was the Roniger's seed potato catalog
(a great thing to read even if you don't have room to grow potatoes!!!) but
it's not in my new Roniger's that's for sure. If someone has an old
Roniger's from a few years back, it might be there.