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Re: Pressing tofu

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:31:42 -0700 "Willow King" <wjking@xxxxxxxx>

> Greetings all! Has anyone found a good way to press tofu (short of 
> buying a
> tofu press)? I filled a Dutch Oven with water and put it ontop of 
> the tofu
> which was between to plates for an hour, but it wasn't really even. 
> The
> recipe suggests draining on a dishtowel but what about the lint? 
> Help!

I don't think they're talking bout a terry dishtowel, but more like one
of those - tea towels, I think they were called - they are made of the
same fabric as those fabric roller towels in public restrooms.  But
several layers of cheesecloth with also do the trick.