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Re: Streusal

I suggested this a few weeks ago...

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From: Brent Van Ryn <vanrynbg@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Friday, September 10, 1999 8:15 AM
Subject: Re:Eggbeaters and Applesauce

> For crumbly stuff on top of cakes or fruit desserts, I use some EggNot!
> mixture with oats, grapenuts, and seasonings (cinnamon, orange/lemon peel,
> etc.).  I use 1 tsp. EggNot! to 2 T water and then about 1 1/2 cups total
> oats and grapenuts, sometimes even some leftover kamut for nut-like flavor
> and texture.  Don't know if EnerG would work, but probably similar results
> are possible.  Sorry for the vague recipe, but I'm often an "eyeball" and
> "memory" cook, which drives people crazy who want to copy my dishes.  >

You could of course use brown sugar to make it sweeter, although I try to
keep the amount of sugar I use on the low side.  The grapenuts give it a
crunchy texture.  Not quite streusal, but pretty close.  I personally use a
lot of cinnamon in mine to give it a strong flavor, but again I usually
taste and adjust depending on my dish (a lot with apples, less with cake,