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Ornish diet...

I don't think anyone's commented on the NON cold turkey approach
so I thought I would add that viewpoint.... 
If you can't go cold turkey, just do the best you can!  I think in
one of his books, Dean Ornish himself admits to eating chocolate,
and says that however much or little change you can make, is better 
than no change.

I'm about 95% ornish now for 7 years, unless I'm traveling, with most
of the 5% being chocolate and coffee!  I would add that you should
only eat the best chocolate (so a little goes a long way).  

To keep this in the guidelines I'll add a Japanese mini recipe:

Quick Daikon Tsukemono (a dry relish I guess)

Cut the leaves off fresh daikon (japanese radish, usually has
long white roots that look like overgrown carrots).  The leaves
have to be very fresh for this recipe!

Rip/cut off the outsides of the biggest leaves, since they tend
to be a bit "hairy" and discard.  Mince the ribs and green parts
now as small as you can.  Optionally you can also mince some of the 
root section, but I personally like a mix that is mostly the "rib"
part.  Place in large bowl and sprinkle with salt, I use about 1/2
tsp per 2 cups chopped greens.  Mix in the salt well, using your
hands.  Let stand at least 10 minutes.  The daikon should release
water, you can let it drain in a fine colander if you have one, which
will make the next step easier...  Now squeeze out as much water as you
can, one handful at a time.  Stores well in refrigerator for at least
a week.

This is really good with hot rice!