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Types of vegetarians

Um...at the risk of nit-picking, may I correct a misapprehension?

>Vegans (pronounced VEE gans) are the strictist. They eat no animals or
>animal products or derivatives of any kind.
>Ovo vegetarians include only eggs in their diet.
>Lacto vegetarians include only milk and milk products.
>Pesce vegetarians include only fish.

Vegans are indeed the strictest.  No animal products at all.
Ovo-vegetarians eat vegetables PLUS eggs and egg products, rather than ONLY
eggs.  That would be a pretty limited diet....
Lacto-vegetarians eat vegetables PLUS dairy products, rather than ONLY milk
and milk products.  Ditto on the limited diet.
Pesce-vegetarians eat vegetables PLUS fish.  Not really vegetarians, but
some of us (myself included) consider ourselves vegetarians except that we
have added fish to our diet as well--perhaps for the omega-3 fatty acids, or
for whatever other reason--but otherwise stick to the veggies.  (I've never
actually seen this word.  I thought I'd made it up!  I've been joking to
people about being a pisco-vegetarian or an icthyo-vegetarian.  Pick your
language--Greek or Latin....)

The "ONLY" comes in because an ovo-vegetarian, for example, may eat ONLY
eggs, not dairy, in addition to the plant foods.  An ovo-lacto-vegetarian
would include both, but always in addition to the veggies.



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