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Re: Almond butter

Hi Group,

This is my first time posting, so if I make any errors in protocol please let me know. I want to follow the rules of the list. I enjoyed reading the first digest.

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 08:14:36 -0400
From: "Nancy Adkins" <nadkins@xxxxxxx>
Subject: food day

Shepardless Pie

I love this dish. What sort of a recipe do you use? I make it with soy chorizo mixed with corn and a layer of garlic mashed potatoes on top.

My food day for yesterday:
Breakfast: Whole wheat cranberry toast with blackberry jam and coffee (I know! Caffein=bad)
Lunch: Garlic Broccoli over brown rice
Dinner: Pizza made on Boboli with fresh onion and green pepper and ff cheese and soy pepperoni Dessert: Fruit smootie with banana, frozen (unsweetened) strawberries and orange juice

Your food day looked **very** healthy and tasty.

From: lisaniki@xxxxxxxxx (Lisa Hill)
Subject: Almond Butter

Has anyone tried almond butter?  Is it sort of fat free?   Where in the
grocery store would it be?

Yes, I have tried it but don't like it as well as peanut butter. It is quite gritty, IMHO. And is most certainly NOT fat free. It is very high in fat as it is made from nuts. It is usually in the health food sections of most grocery stores AFAIK.

Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?