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Please remember that the diet Dr. Ornish recommends is for REVERSING heart
damage so it is not for everyone - only people like me who have had bypass
surgery, or a heart attack. Personally, I have cardiovascular disease and feel
hopeful that through this program I can avoid further surgery. I can already
exercise twice as much, without pain, as I could before I attended the
Ornish Lifestyle Retreat (and it was only a week long).

I was very fortunate in that Dr. Ornish himself was my group facilitator
(participants are broken down into groups of 10 for group support
These people have done their homework and know what they are talking about.
They are very friendly, loving, open, and honest. If they don't know
something, they say so and then do their best to find out.

So, if you don't have heart disease (like Dr. O.), you have no reason to
choose a diet this strict and can go ahead and have chocolate - or whatever -
in moderation.