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Re:Eggbeaters and Applesauce

I also like Dixie Diner's EggNot! as an egg substitute.  It's soy based and
seems to work a little better for me in a wider array of recipes than EnerG.
It seems more "gluey."  I made pumpkin custard last night with tofu and
EggNot! using a Dixie recipe and really liked the texture compared to some
of my previous tries.

For crumbly stuff on top of cakes or fruit desserts, I use some EggNot!
mixture with oats, grapenuts, and seasonings (cinnamon, orange/lemon peel,
etc.).  I use 1 tsp. EggNot! to 2 T water and then about 1 1/2 cups total of
oats and grapenuts, sometimes even some leftover kamut for nut-like flavor
and texture.  Don't know if EnerG would work, but probably similar results
are possible.  Sorry for the vague recipe, but I'm often an "eyeball" and
"memory" cook, which drives people crazy who want to copy my dishes.  My
signature salsa is purely chop-and-taste too (oh, a little more tomato,
here's some garlic, etc.).  In old age maybe I'll write them down.