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Re: apple cider

On Sun, 3 Oct 1999, PalmM wrote:

> I see so many wonderful apple recipes here.  One of my
> favorite drinks is apple cider, but the only time I
> can buy it is during the fall.  Does anyone know if
> there is a reason for only selling it during the fall?
>  Also, does anyone have any idea how to make it?
> Thanks!  

It's made by pressing apples and collecting the juice that comes out.  One
can buy a cider press, but they aren't cheap.  You can only get it in the
fall because that's when apple season is.  Cider can be frozen.  We did
this a couple of years ago.  Toward the end of the season, we put a gallon
(less about 1/2 cup to allow for expansion) in the freezer and saved it
about a month.  Tasted just as good.

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