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Healthy Cheesecake

Am I the only one who didn't do well w/the cheesecake
everyone's been raving about?   I
persevered, though, and finally came across one that worked
really well for me, so I'd like to share it
with you.  It's not vegan, by the way.

 From The 1995 Providence Heart Diet

(2) 8 oz.    Cream cheese, nonfat
3/4 C        Sugar
1 Tb          Flour
2 tsp         Vanilla extract
1/2 tsp       Lemon peel
1/2 C        Sour cream, nonfat
3               Egg whites
1/2 C        Graham-cracker crumbs
2 C            Berries or cherries

Blend first 5 ingredients with electric mixer.  Blend in
sour cream and egg whites.  Spray 9" pie pan
with nonfat cooking spray; sprinkle with crumbs.  Pour in
cheese mixture and bake at 325 degrees
for 40 min.  Cool, then refrigerate for 3 hours.  Top with
berries.  Servings: 8, Calories: 180, Fat:
0.8 gm, 1 serving = 2 starch