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Agar Agar

About those agar flakes, Sammie, I understand that it's not important to you
whether they be veggie or not, and I don't care either, but others might
care, so let me just clarify: agar flakes (also called agar agar) is
seaweed.  That's it.  Nothing else.  It's not an animal product, whereas
gelatin is.  Agar's peculiar property is to BEHAVE like gelatin, so it can
be substituted for gelatin--to make "jello", or to thicken some other
concoction.  I don't understand this, nor do I know how it interacts
chemically with the rest of the ingredients in a recipe.  I just took the
plunge for the first time when I made that cheesecake.

So enjoy your agar, folks!  Nice little dish for breakfast, anyone?  :-)  As
a side benefit, you could use it to culture that mold growing on the
leftovers in the fridge.  On second thought....

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