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Dixie Diner


I wanted to stick in my two cents concerning Dixie Diner.

Dixie is a great source for TVP products and other healthy foods and spices
when you are not close to a HFS.  

However, their mixes have all been bland and tasteless to me and anyone I
have attempted to serve them to. I have given up trying them because laying
out $5 to get the same taste over and over is a waste. 

The cinnamon roll mix was,  good but no where near the SAD version.  
The jerky was okay, again not the same as the meat version.
The seasonings were very good.  The Italian sausage seasoning was perfect.
I have used it in pizzas and pastas and I would swear there had to be at
least one piece of sausage in there somewhere.  But no amount of playing
with the TVP gets it to have the same texture, and familiarity as that
sausage would.

I am a 'try very hard but slip every once in a while' type vegetarian, and
there is no way any of the things I have tried could fool me, much less any
of my SAD friends.  I don't know who they get to attest that they were
fooled into thinking the dishes were meat.  There is no way on any of the
mixes I have tried.

I still shop at Dixie online, and through the catalog though, don't get me
wrong.  I have just learned the hard way that it is not a magic wand to
convert SAD eaters by fooling them into thinking they are eating their
favorite SAD foods.  It is just a convenient way to try some new ideas in
more healthy cooking.

Another Joe in Minnesota.