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Also, has anyone used nayonaise

All we keep for the "mayo" in our house is nayonaise.  It has a slight sweet 
taste, more like a Miracle Whip sub, but it really does the trick.  I make a 
great basil aioli made from nayonaise, fresh (dried doesn't work) basil, 
garlic and fresh lemon juice.  We have it with roasted ratatouille.  If 
you're interested in the roasted ratatouille recipe I'll e-mail it  privately 
- it has a little oil in it and doesn't follow this list's lowfat rules (I 
don't think).
They have 2 versions, one is fat-free and one has a very little bit (3 grams 
per tablespoon or something.)  We highly recommend it at our house.
Ruth in Chicago 'burbs