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>Hi -- I'm looking for a place to get away from it all for a few days and
>still eat fatfree, vegetarian food.  A bed and breakfast or hotel with
>such a menu would be great.  I live in Newark, DE (midway between
>Baltimore and Philly), and would like to drive no more than 4 hours to a
>place where I could go for scenic hikes or walks. Any ideas would be
>much appreciated.  Thanks--  Meryl (gardnerm@xxxxxxxxxxx)

We've been looking for the same sort of thing and have had some success,
haven't visited them yet but will be.  I can't guarantee these are fatfree
but they are vegetarian or vegan and promise to accommodate special diets.
For the Christmas Holiday we are going to Serendipity in Ocean City, NJ,
just 1/2 block from the beach http://www.serendipitynj.com/index.html#top

 There is one in West Virginia that is not yet open, we are told they expect
to open the day after Christmas this year,  Sweet Thyme Inn is

Sweet Thyme is owned by the folks who have the Sweet Onion in Vermont, they
both look great and we are eager to try them.
Sweet Onion Inn is www.sweetonioninn.com

The Vegetarian Resource Group has a page on vegetarian vacations, these inns
and more are there.  There are places worldwide listed!