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Cheesecake substitutes

Hi all,

I love the look of Ellens cheesecake recipe, but would love any suggestions
for substitutes for the FF sour cream (how about skim milk yoghurt, would
this cook ok?) and the  non-fat butter substitute.  I don't think either of
these exist in Australia!!  In fact I'm very curious to know what the
butter substitute consists of?

And FF sauces - my current favourite vege is spinach - I put it in just
about everything!  This is what I will be eating tomorrow (unless my other
half gets inspired and cooks for me!).  I don't have real quantities - I
usually just toss in however much I have.  I don't think you could really
mess it up.

Spinach and Tomato Sauce

Chop one onion and a couple of carrots.  Cook in the microwave until almost
tender.  Add a can of chopped tomatoes, and some frozen spinach - probably
about three or four of those little frozen blocks of spinach.  Toss in
whatever spices you fancy - some chilli would be good, or some basil and
rosemary and thyme for a more Italian taste.
Heat in the microwave until hot - I rather fancy this with polenta or maybe
some spaghetti squash -mmmmmm, now I'm hungry!

On the subject of spinach, I've had some great spinach dishes in Indian and
African restaurants - lots of spinach, very spicy, very delicious.  Any
other suggestions on how to reproduce this? (FF of course).

Annabel in South Australia