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Re: Brownies

Sadly, the NoPudge brownies are not vegan... <sniffle>


Nancy Adkins wrote:
> After searching my local stores for the Brownies everyone was talking about
> a while ago I was able to find one bag. OH GOD!!! They are that good as well
> as easy and FATFREE.
> I checked the Internet and was pleased to find I can order them so I will
> never again feel left out
> I will just bring along my own pan of No Pudge Brownies.  I ordered the
> Chocolate Mint I have visions of girl scout cookies floating in my head.
> Bet they will be outrageous with a scoop of fatfree Frozen yogurt on them.
> No Pudge!  Brownie Mix site: http://www.nopudge.com
> TaTa for Now,
> Nancy  Adkins
> Homepage :  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/1669/
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