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Cheesecake Parfait!

Okay, for those who liked the taste of Sheri's tofu cheesecake but couldn't
get it to set properly: pile it in parfait glasses, alternating layers of
filling only and filling-with-crust, and call it cheesecake parfait!  You'll
have the most original dessert anywhere and no one will be any the wiser....

I suspect the solution to the "setting" problem is one of time.  This
cheesecake needs to chill for several hours.  It also needs to begin
chilling and setting before adding the warm glaze to the top--otherwise it
causes the filling to begin to re-liquefy.  (Thanks, Robin, for pointing out
that detail.  I have added that instruction to the copies of the recipe that
I share!)  Patience helps here--as does advance planning.  I believe mine
cheesecake was done and in the fridge by about 2 pm for an evening event
(dinner around 8).

It worked fine for me, and I for one was grateful to have a tasty non-dairy
treat.  It's very hard to find a yummy, rich-tasting dessert that doesn't
involve lots of fat and dairy products.  So those of you who have more
recipes in that category, please don't get discouraged and stop posting

Thanks to all for the great stuff here!

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