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lasagna and pie

I made 2 wonderful dishes for thanksgiving.  Since I'm the only vegan in my
circle of family and friends, I wanted to at least share them with all of
you.  I'm not very accurate with measurements, sort of cook as I go.  They
are truly delicious.

Vegetarian lentel lasagna:

8 oz whole wheat lasagna
1 can eden or westbrae lentils
1/2 box of low fat tofu
16 oz can of muir glen ground peeled tomatoes, cooked with plenty of garlic
and mushrooms (I used crimini) cooked for about 15 minutes.
ground red pepper
tofu mozzarella

-cook lasagna in boiling water for about 10 minutes
-mix parsley, basil, lentils and tofu all together used for filling
-layer pan with lasagna, filling, cooked tomatoes and tofu cheese.  My pan
filled 3 layers of each
-bake for about 20 minutes at around 325.

I easily could have inhaled the whole tray.

Oatmeal apple pie:
-2 cups of whole slow cooked oatmeal, pulsed in food processor to make
oatmeal flour
-2 tbs of barley sweetner (I bought eden for the first time and it gave the
crust just enough sweetness (I'm not a big sweet eater so adjust to your
3 apples cored and cut into tiny pieces.
cinnammon and all spice to taste

Mix ground oatmeal and barley sweetner  and spices with enough water to make
a pastry dough.  Place in pie plate and form around plate.  
Pile in apples and sprinkle spices on top
Can also place some of the oatmeal on top as a covering
Bake for about 40 minutes 350

This was also terrific