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Rubbery cookies (redux)

Thank you to those who offered feedback to my question about rubbery cookies. 
 I tried a different recipe today (Oatmeal Cookies #2, posted Jan 18, 1994 by 
Kareema Dean).  I kept in mind not to work the batter too much and to really 
keep the baking to a minimum.  The recipe called for baking 20-30 minutes.  I 
baked them for 15.  This recipe uses bananas and I had three sad looking 
bananas that were begging to be baked, so I doubled the recipe. 

Critique:  They still don't seem like cookies to me, but(!) while savoring 
them I realized that they were like dense banana bread in a cookie form.  If 
you like banana bread, I'd encourage you to try this recipe.

I've moved up a notch on the learning curve.  Thank you again!


Julie-Ann M. McFann
Doctoral Candidate
Educational Psychology
Temple University