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no time/no energy "recipes"

To Barb b, who has CFS,
Apologies in advance if you've already thought of all
these things, but here's what we have at my house when
we're short on time and energy.
1. Bush's (fatfree) vegetarian baked beans, from a
can, with our favorite bread (from the bakery at a
local grocer), and a frozen vegetable prepared in the
2. Morningstar Farms "Better 'n' Burgers" or "Spicy
Beanburgers".  These bake for 7 to 8 minutes on a side
(i.e. about 15 minutes total) at 350 degrees.  I put
them on a piece of tinfoil on a baking sheet, so I
don't even have to wash the baking sheet very often.
We happen to like these on toast, but I'm sure many
people would prefer h*mb*rg*r buns or similar.
Also with these, a microwaved frozen vegetable.
3. Birdseye now puts out a frozen veggie combo of
several colors of bell peppers plus onion.  I saute
this in some water, defrost a bag of soy fake ground
m**t, add it to the peppers along with a packet of
Lawry's fajita seasoning and a quarter cup of water,
until thoroughly heated, then serve with tortillas
heated in the microwave, and extra veggie on the side.
4. That old standby, spaghetti with sauce from a jar.
Everyone knows this one, but we think it's really
5. Eggbeater omelet, usually with green pepper, onion,
and fake soy s**s*ge.  Toast, orange juice or tomato
juice, and a microwaved frozen veggie.
6. Run out to Subway and get a 6 inch or 12 inch
veggie sub!!  I like them best with no dressing,
rather than the nonfat dressing, they just tastes
Maybe a fruit/tofu smoothie for dessert to get some

I hope that maybe one of these has been helpful.  I
would love to hear other people's solutions to the no
time/no energy problem.

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