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Thanksgiving Favorite

I am new to the list, but I thought I'd introduce myself by sharing a
holiday side dish that is an oft requested favorite among friends and
family.  It is an adaptation of a somewhat fattier recipe I found in my
great-grandmother's favorite cookbook (even the original version is pretty
low fat).

This is so darned easy it's a sin:

Sweet Potato Stuffed Apples

1. Remove core, but not bottom of as many large Rome Beauties or Macintoshes
as you wish to serve.  Hollow out a little bit of room, but don't take too
much apple out.
2. Original recipe called for coating the apples with a thin film of butter.
This is tasty, but I have found that just making the apples moist with a bit
of water works just as well.
3. Roll moistened apples in cinnamon, or cinnamon and sugar (as your dietary
preferences dictate).   Sprinkle cinnamon or cinnamon-sugar inside apples to
4. Fill apples with your favorite cooked sweet potato - mashed or in chunks.
I have used canned and fresh-cooked and both are very tasty.
5. Sprinkle liberally with more cinnamon or cinnamon-sugar.  I have also
done this with brown sugar or honey drizzled over the top, and both
variations are good.

The easiest part is the baking, because you can bake at whatever temperature
the oven is set for if you are baking other things - pies, turkey, etc.
Place prepared apples in your favorite baking dish or cake pan.  At 350
degrees, bake for 1 1/2 hours, basting apples now and then, until apples
skin has split and apples are soft.  I have baked them as low as 200 degrees
and as high as 450.  Keeping in mind that all you need is for the apples to
be very soft, you can determine how long is long enough as you concentrate
on the other more complicated holiday dishes.  

Serve warm as a side dish.