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Jan's plans


Sorry your plans didn't work out; I was enjoying the vegan
inn vicariously.   At this stage of my life I think I would
have liked to participate in soup kitchen type events for
the holidays, but can't bring myself to be involved with all
that dead bird stuff.  After contributing food to the local
food pantry, my only reaching out to others is in the
meditation on the small bowl of brown rice I set at the
table at the empty chair in remembrance of all those who
don't have the bounty I do.  I wish I knew to do that all
those years ago when I did the whole family thing.  The more
places at the table the more conscious raising the small
bowl with the empty chair becomes for me.  Although when
eating a feast alone, it's pretty awe-inspiring and
world-connecting, too.

I also find that I never feel deprived in any way (no
butter, no cheesecake kind of thing ;) ) when I'm faced with
that rice.  Maybe now that I think of it, I'll leave it on
the table after the holidays this year!  Happy Thanksgiving
to all on the list.

Kathryn, thankful for all the choices I have, dietary and