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Re: Mono- and diglycerides

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You wrote:
> Hi--
> I have been trying to find out how healthy such products like Promise Ultra
> Fat Free are.  The ingredients state it is composed of mono- and
> diglycerides.  I looked that up on the web and got the idea it is related to
> Olestra.  I also got the idea that such non-fat "fats" have giant molecules
> and therefore are not absorbed by the intestine.  But have read no research
> report that talks about the health aspects of such substances.  Can they
> block the absorbtion of other good fats, like Omega 3?  Can they create an
> imbalance?  Are mono- and diglyerides just a way of getting around the FDA
> regulations for listing what is fat?  Any articles, URLs, opinions would be
> appreciated.
> Jim Horsley
> Moorhead, MN