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New Vegetarian Needs Help

Hi Tyeisha,

There's a new phenom, kinda like pizza was, that offers some wonderfully
easy and delicious meals and that's *Wraps*.    You can find some wonderful
ideas through Vegetarian Times at

Here's my last night's meal.

I started with 12 inch spinach  flavored thin flour tortillas.   To that I
started adding some of my favorites.   I had some left over Thai Jasmine
rice that I had cooked with apple juice and cider vinegar, so I spooned
about 1/4 cup of that down the center of the tortilla.   I shredded some
fresh spring spinach,  and some finely sliced red onion.   I topped this
with some cole slaw that I made a couple of days ago for another meal and
rolled the whole thing up and the flavors were wonderful.

The coleslaw was finely shredded green cabbage, refreshed golden raisins,
finely sliced green onions and it was dressed with FF mayo seasoned with
curry powder and thinned with cider vinegar.

Wraps are such fun and so easy and such a great way of using up leftovers.
I often do mexican style wraps using leftover rice dishes or mexican style
beans and adding so many veggies, including lots of spinach, sprouts and
fatfree cream cheeses that have been flavored.
Just have fun experimenting.  The large thin flour tortillas come in many
flavors now;  spinach, beet, tomatoe, etc.

Ciao,  Marilyn B