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Oil Substitute


My favorite substitute for butter is Fleischman's *Fat Free*.    It comes in
a squeeze bottle in the same section as the margarine and has only 5
calories per tablespoon and has a very pleasant flavor.  It works well on
pancakes, waffles, toast, muffins, etc.

A little more difficult is the egg substitution.   I use *Egg Beaters* or
some other brand egg substitute, which is mostly egg whites and a few
additives.  It makes good scrambled eggs, and I think excellent omelettes.
The cartons have the amount for equivalency to whole eggs.  When baking with
the substitute, I find that I have to cut back on the flour slightly in most
applications.   Often when a recipe calls for whole eggs, I simply leave out
the yolk and everything works out fine.

I Think the oil substitution has been easy for sauteing, I just use veggie
stock, water, or wine and have few problems.   Substitutes for oil in baking
is tougher I think.   The fatfree archives have some really good baking
recipes without oil.   I've had some successes and some spectacular
failures.   The hardest part of baking without oil is the texture for me.  I
find that I serve less cakes and pies for dessert and more fruit.   I just
acquired a Krupp ice cream maker and have been having lots of fun making
sherbets and sorbets.   It does a wonderful job so that has mostly solved
the *what dessert to serve company*.

Have fun experimenting...