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Re: grapenuts cereal

I'm not sure about the Grape Nuts (I thought they were fat free in the
sense that there were no added fats or oils, and the only fat content
was that which comes from the grain...almost everything has some fat in
it naturally).  As far as granola goes, Health Valley makes what I call
a fat free granola (same definition as above).  I have a box in front of
me.  It says "98% fat-free", but if you read the ingredients, there is
no added fats or oils (just "oats, fruit (depends on which flavor you
buy----date almond, raisin cinnamon, or tropical fruit), cane juice,
brown rice flour, sprouted barley malt, pear-pineapple juice,
concentrated grape juice, brown rice syrup, natural vanilla flavor, rice
bran, baking soda, sea salt".  This product is SO yummy (and no, I don't
work for them!).