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Wow what a weekend.  We attempted our first real trip since going Fat
Free.  And it was an
adventure.  But Thanks to all of the great advice and hints from my
online friends we stayed
almost totally Fatfree on small slip.   We went to Philadelphia and
after going to our Sons
studio and watching him turn blobs of liquid glass into things of art (
yes I am a proud
mother) we headed for the zoo and our picnic lunch.  It was a great
success.  I took the
suggested humus and pitta, fat free cheeses, sprouts, tomatoes onions
but also made a great
potato salad from one of Dean Ornish books and I saw a veg salad in the
store called Texas
Caviar and although it looked great it was loaded with fat so I came
home and made my own
version.  It worked wonderful and I will be repeating it often.  We
later headed back into the
city and found a Restaurant that had been recommended by someone on the
!!!!!!!!!!!)  We went to Singapore Restaurant at 1029 Race Street. and
if you are even anywhere
near Philadelphia this place is well worth a side trip. Almost
everything we had was fatfree.
They cater to your every desire and wish and they make the best soups
and dumplings I have ever
eaten.  But the lure was to strong and when we saw General Tso's Chicken
on the menu we had to
try it.  We have been following Dean Ornish's plan for six weeks and
this was our first real
slip but to see a vegetarian version of our old favorite well we had one
order and shared it
all around the table.  OH it was so good and I only felt a little guilty
because at least it
was not animal cholesterol and was just oils and Soy.  So that to all we
now know we can at
least visit Philadelphia and come home stuffed.  There were many options
in China town so maybe
next time we will try some of the others.


TaTa for Now,
Nancy L. Adkins
Bethany Beach, Delaware
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