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RE: Sugar-free cakes

To Diane and the list,

Imagine my surprise when I got my  FF digest and there in the offerings was
a Gluten Free recipe for carrot cake.  In addition, Diane included the link
to Mark Foy's recipe page and lo and behold, he eats primarily Gluten Free!
WOW!  Though his recipes aren't all entirely FF, I think that they could be
with little or no trouble.

Your probably wondering why I am raving and rambling, well - its because
lately I had been slowly slipping into the m**t eating way of life.  Due to
finding out that I was gluten intolerant -  I found my diet becoming just
too restrictive.  I am a full time student who can't eat anything without
making it myself from scratch, or first calling the company to make sure
that it is safe for me to consume.  (I find myself on the phone a lot, as
ingredients change often)

Add to this my vegan preferences for food consumption... the time involved
to cook GF ... and suddenly... THERE'S NOT MUCH TO EAT!

This severely restricted and difficult culinary lifestyle has mad my life
H*LL.  Gluten Free means nothing with wheat, oats, barley or rye.  This
means no pasta, no bread, no pastries, no fun!  Further, it means that I
can't have anything derived from these grains.  EVERYTHING YOU EAT,  just
about, has some form of gluten containing grain in it.  (natural flavors,
caramel coloring, barley malt syrup, etc.)   Sheesh, there is only so much
tofu, veggies and brown rice a person can eat without going nuts for
something different to chew on!!!  So, I began to slip back into very old
eating habits.  However, the recipes at Mr. Foy's site are not only vegan,
but mostly all are made from foods I can eat.  The Bonus?  They really look

Thanks for letting me share, and to Diane for the timely news, and to all of
you for your contributions to the list.

Lynda Swink
(I CAN do this!)
 *                        >\<                           *   *              *
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