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Whole grains

Hi all,

Sheri, I'm sorry I didn't remember your request at the time, but someone 
suggested beanegrains.com to me several months ago when I was looking for 
soft white wheatberries.  I just checked and they do have triticale in their 
organic grains department.  The price is .38/lb for a 25 pound bag or .53/lb 
for a 5 pound bag.  They calculate shipping by weight and shipping area, so 
you have to email them for a total.  I don't have a big enough order yet to 
actually use them but I was very impressed with their web site and their 
enormous selection.  Of course, I can't compare them with bobsredmill, but I 
thought I'd share with the group just in case.  

The URL is http://www.beanegrains.com/