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Lentil/Rice Dinner

I made this for dinner over the weekend,  wasn't too bad, so I thought I'd
share.  I'm typically a lurker, but do manage to post something every few

Lentil Patties
I combined a few different fatfree recipes to come up with the following.  I
needed 1 cup of red lentils, but only had 1/2 cup, so I added 1/2 cup of
split green peas.  I boiled these till they were finally mushy - took almost
an hour.  I drained, reserving a small amount of water and ran them through
the food processor.  Stirred in a little flour (1/2 to 1 tsp), salt, pepper,
garlic powder, seasoning salt, and onion powder.  I then formed into patties
and put on a cookie sheet.  Sprinkled with cumin powder and put under the
broiler for a few minutes to brown, flipped them and browned the other side.

Mock Stir Fried Rice
I took about 1 1/'2 cups white rice, added some chopped onions, chopped
celery, shredded carrots, one can of chopped water chestnuts (drained),
salt, pepper, garlic powder, a couple of shakes of soy sauce and 2 cups of
water.  Put this on the back burner, brought to a boil, covered and then
simmered for about 30 minutes while I was making the patties above.  The
rice turned out really well - tasted just like the "real" thing, and it made
ALOT too.  

The patties were pretty good, but rather dry.  We ate them like burgers, but
had to kind of force the kids to finish them.  They did love the rice
though, as did my husband.  He said the patties needed more "flavor" to

I'm open for suggestions on improving the patties.  I thought they were
actually good too, just a bit dry, and could have used some "zest" to them.

Dawn Baumbach
> =^..^=