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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #139

>if this is off topic i apologize,
>does anyone know the nutritional content of lentils?  i can't seem to find
>it in any books
>most importantly, what is the fat content and calorie content?
>if anyone can help me i would appreciate it so much
>i often make lentil soup for dinner and sure would like to know about what
>i'm eating
  I don't think it's off-topic at all!  You've probably
eaten your soup already now (I really enjoy lentil soup,
btw), but here goes:

 Lentils, raw, 1 cup (note that 1 cup of raw lentils is a

  Calories:  646
  Weight:  190 grams
  Carbohydrate:  110 grams
  Protein:  47 grams
  Fat:  2.1 grams (not a typo, 2.1 grams in a whole CUP of
                  raw lentils!)
  Fiber:  7.4 grams
  Vitamin A:  110 IU
  Vitamin C:  not measurable
  Thiamin:  .70 mg
  Riboflavin:  .42 mg
  Niacin:    3.8 mg
  Vitamin B-6:  1.1 mg
  Iron:  13 mg
  Calcium:  150 mg
  Phosphorus:  720 mg
  Sodium:  57 mg
  Potassium:  1500 mg

  *Source:  "Laurel's Kitchen, A Handbook for Vegetarian
Cookery and Nutrition,"  Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders,
and Bronwen Godfrey, Nilgiri Press, Berkeley,  CA, 1976.

 *Lucky me, this is the ORIGINAL and GREAT and WONDERFUL 
Laurel's Kitchen, I still have it from 1976 when I got it.  
I was 32 then, now I'm 55, some things don't change,
"Laurel's Kitchen" is one of them.   Husbands may come and
go, children grow up, parents and pets die, but a great
cookbook is a joy forever!  And what a treasure it has been
ever since 1976. I do think, however, that I will shortly
invest in the new, revised version also!  Just a treat for

Pat Meadows