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Nova Scotia

I'm going to Nova Scotia on vacation in a
little over a month...does
anyone know if the supermarkets there carry
veggie burgers...such as Boca Burgers or the
various Morningstar burgers, breakfast links,
etc.? And if so, which ones? Going to be camping
with a friend and am hoping these are available

Thanks in advance!!...Joanne

Hi, Joanne! You'll be pleasantly surprised when you visit our 
beautiful province. I live in Halifax and all the major supermarkets 
(Sobeys, Superstore, IGA) carry the products you are looking for. We 
also have some good health food stores, the best, IMHO, is Great 
Oceans on Quinpool Road (very easy to get to). If you need any more 
info, I'd be happy to find it for you. If the weather stays as nice 
as it has been, you'll never want to leave!