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NYC restaurant input please

Hi, I'm trying to plan a long weekend to NYC and could
use some input on restaurants...

I found on the New York Today web pages, a restaurant
named "Heartbeat" that the review says cooks with no added fat
but also says "Fortunately, Hearbeat makes no attempt
to be vegetarian."  This could be a feature for me (actually
for my SAD husband) IF they also do serve some vegetarian dishes,
which is hard to tell from the review.

Does anyone on the list know about this place first hand?  They
apparently also serve breakfast and brunch....  I don't want to
convince my husband to try this place and then find I can't eat

I have reservations already at a kaiseki (formal Japanese course 
dinner) restaurant that offers vegetarian kaiseki dinners for one
night.  The other night we have a show to go to at 6pm so if anyone
can suggest a SAD and vlf-friendly early dinner spot near the
New Amsterdam theatre, it would be appreciated.  


Aiko Pinkoski