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>"Best, Jenny" <JennyB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Subject: Vegetable Spread
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>Just wanted to let you know about a great product I have found. It's call
>Hot Ajvar vegetable spread. The one I have is made by Marco Polo. It has 
>chunky paste consistency and is made of roasted red peppers, eggplant,
>garlic, spices and salt (only 38mg per 3 oz serving). I've used it as a
>condiment on sandwiches, to top pieroges, in lasagna - it adds wonderful
>flavor, plus some vitamin C and A. 

I too LOVE this stuff.  I wrote about it to fatfree last August after
returning from Croatia, where it is a standard item.  Jenny -- where did
you find it?  I think there are stores in the Bay Area that carry it, but
I have not searched yet.  By the way, I think we should be a little
suspicious about their apparently fatfree content.  The peppers are roaste
a VERY long time, and then re-cooked somehow -- my Croatian friends tell m
they have a recipe but it is too long and difficult.  They apparently
believe that the pepper is actually roasted with oil on it, but in the
final product one puts just peppers, garlic, and spices.  THUS, there woul
be some oil in the peppers that makes its way into the final product.  It
would be interesting to have a real analysis.


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